Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 32 {Tamera}

Kyla loves to get her face painted when we go to Texas Roadhouse!  There was originally glitter and little gems on it as well, but it only lasts so long!  I was going to wash her face off and she didn't want me to, so I asked her if I took a picture of it would she let me wash it off and she said yes!!

50mm Lens
F 2.0
SS 1/160
ISO 200


  1. Adorable! Katie loves face painting too! Do all Texas Roadhouses have face painting, or just he one by you?

  2. How fun! Love your blog! This is awesome that you are able to share this!! Love!

  3. I'm not sure Angie, ours does it every Monday night! You're welcome to come over any Monday! :)

    Thank You Pat!!